Project Description

Stand-alone screen solutions for elevators SPOTLOOK Latitude

Meet simple display needs

  • Local solution to the elevator
  • Easily upgradeable to an Equinoxe solution – uses the same screens

Our range of screens for elevators SPOTLOOK Latitude allows you to simply stream your movies on repeat.

Content is loaded from your computer or tablet, directly in the elevator, wirelessly connected to the screen (point to point WiFi between the screen and your device).

If you wish to be able to remotely access the customization of your screens, consult our range of screens SPOTLOOK Equinox .

Customize your display ultra-simply

Position yourself in your elevator

With your computer or tablet with the content to be broadcast.

Connect your computer or tablet

to Wifi emitted by your screen

Using your favorite internet browser

You connect to the URL of the screen, and access the menu for personalizing and downloading the content to be broadcast.

This menu allows you to access the following functions:

Technical specifications

The player is positioned on the elevator:

It has the following main characteristics:


Download the product presentation – Latitude elevator screens (FR)
Download the product presentation – Latitude elevator screens (FR)

Different finishes and sizes for your displays

Depending on the covering of your lift, we can offer you the right assembly solution


Mounting box finish

No need to take advantage of a complete modernization of your elevators to install screens. Our recessed boxes for screens allow simplified assembly in all elevators, with an almost flush finish to the walls (1.2mm overhangs, necessary to hide the cutouts in the wall).