Digital signage equipment for Meeting rooms

Two lines of products,

SPOTROOM is our dynamic display solution for meeting rooms, and it works with 2 types of dynamic display equipment:

- Totems, are large screens that are designed to provide a review of all of the meetings underway and still to come for a particular venue,

- Meeting room video monitors, placed in front of each meeting room, display the meeting underway as well as the next scheduled meeting.

Consult the presentation of our SPOTROOM dynamic display software solutions for meeting rooms

Your current and future meetings can of course be integrated into your Equinoxe line of video monitors (for convention halls, elevators, etc.).


We offer supply and installation of the totem hardware. These screens, specifically designed for meeting display monitors, can also display information about our SPOTLOOK Equinoxe solution in real time.

They can be placed in portrait mode in order to allow for the display of several meetings.

We can also offer a wide array of finishing choices so they will better fit into your setting.

totemspotroom detour blue

spotroom video monitor

Meeting room video screens

We offer the supply and installation of video monitors with a 12 inch diagonal for placement at the entrance to your meeting rooms. These video monitors are outfitted with printed glass that bears your corporate identity, and they are surfaced mounted for extreme ease of installation.

Options include mounting cases that allow for the perfect integration into your partitions or walls.

video screen_elevator_flush with the panel