Digital signage equipment for stores and signs

Animate your display windows

Because of the challenges of outdoor lighting, animating your display windows generally requires the operation of an LED panel with illuminating power adapted to specific conditions.

The choice of an LED panel (LED diameters) will be made according to the outdoor lighting in your display windows as well as the type of content you wish to display. The larger the diameter of the LEDs, the greater the luminosity…to the detriment of how fine the point will be..

SPOTLOOK will help you choose the best possible materials to match your needs and dimensions, and we will also take care of installation as well as maintenance.

Other video screen integration solutions for display windows can be offered, for example with the placement of masking adhesives.

Animate inside your business

LED displays, walls of images, we can advise you and install a multitude of solutions for you. Consult with us.

Showcase your products

An endless number of possible solutions are possible to allow you to integrate video monitors into your furnishings so you can showcase your products. Consult with us.