SPOTGREEN solution for the display of energy consumption in your organization’s buildings

SPOTGREEN is a complete solution developed by SPOTLOOK for the gathering and display of energy consumption information (including water and electricity) for your organization’s buildings:


Make the users of your organization’s buildings aware of their consumption:

Broadcast information on the consumption of their office, electricity usage, water usage.

Influence behaviors:

- Organize Inter-floor conservation challenges,

- Communicate information on actions and behaviors that will reduce consumption by your building’s occupants.

Display layout can be completely personalized:

Depending on available meters and your corporate style guide, SPOTGREEN allows you to totally personalize the layout of the content posted.

Take control of your organization’s consumption:

Real time monitoring of your organization’s electricity and water usage,

- Possible from anywhere with any type of terminal (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc).

Manage and intervene in your organization’s facilities remotely

iphone spotgreen

Integration with your existing GTC – GTB software:

SPOTGREEN features connectors to enable interfacing with your Technical Building Management software. SPOTGREEN easily communicates with the majority of GTC products on the market: GTC Trend, Delta Dore, Johnson Controls Metasys, Schneider Irio, and EGX3000…

Don’t have a GTC – GTB software package?

We offer installation of meters (electricity and water) set for the readings you select so you can implement our SPOTGREEN solution.

architecture spotgreen

Example Spotgreen Nova

The display can be entirely personalized

We offer SPOTGREEN integration with a completely personalized layout that includes our information bundle (weather, news, stock prices, etc).

See a ‘live’ example

Click here to view a live example of our SPOTGREEN solution installed in the building of one of our clients.