SPOTPARK – Optimizing parking occupancy levels


SPOTPARK optimization solution for parking occupancy levels

SPOTPARK is a complete optimization solution for parking occupancy levels relying on the function described below. SPOTPARK brings you: optimal assignment of places depending on the profession of the person and their arrival time, a parking location pre-reservation system, and a powerful statistical and billing tool for your parking facility.


Recognition of the incoming vehicle

For recognition of the person entering with his or her vehicle to assign the best possible spot according to the person’s parking privileges, SPOTPARK can be coupled with your (badge-based) access management system, or use a license plate recognition system.

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spotpark parking place assignment

Parking place assignment

Depending on the function of the vehicle and priorities assigned by the administrator of your system, every incoming vehicle is guaranteed to be assigned the best available spot depending on his or her parking privileges.

Display / audio announcement of the parking place – Text message

Located at the entrance post or wherever you choose, the SPOTPARK display monitor indicates the assigned parking place to the incoming driver. An SMS can then be sent to the driver in memo form.

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