Our digital signage materials

For your lobbies

Animate your lobby / Inform your visitors

Several types of material can be chosen for lobby installations, according to your preferences

- information video monitors designed to inform and provide notifications to your visitors,

- image wall solutions, designed especially to animate and modernize your building’s lobby.

SPOTLOOK will assist in all of your lobby projects, from design to installation.

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For your elevators

The elevator is the ideal spot to communicate with your employees

Each employee spends about 3 minutes per day in the company elevator. That means it is a particularly advantageous site to share information with your employees.

SPOTLOOK, a specialist in elevator digital signage since 2004, offers a wide range of products ,finishes and software solutions to meet all your needs.

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For your stores

Animate your display window, animate your interior, communicate messages about your products?

Several types of equipment are available:

- screens or totems integrated into your furniture or accessories,

- image wall solutions composed of video screens or LED panel,

SPOTLOOK will assist you in all of your store display projects, from design to installation.

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For your SPOTMAP interactive maps

Direct your visitors

Combined with our SPOTMAP interactive maps solution, we offer a wide range of equipment for interactive maps if you choose a touch screen or digital map.

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