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To meet all your dynamic elevator display needs

With our Equinoxe video monitors for elevators, you can broadcast:

animation_rosace_equinoxe_ascenseur_enand access emergency video call functions with your security station, so you can communicate with visitors in case of an elevator malfunction.

This page presents the functions that are incorporated within the SPOTLOOK Equinoxe software solution for elevators. Follow the link to view a presentation of the available finishes: Presentation of finishes for our elevator video monitors.

Your messages

Our personalization interface for your messages, accessible from a simple Internet browser, easily lets you broadcast the following information on your SPOTLOOK Equinoxe video monitors:

-          Your Twitter About_logoUsageor Facebook asset.f.logo.lg pages, updated in real-time.

-          Your texts (our text recognition search engine verifies that the messages displayed contain nothing discriminatory, racist, homophobic, etc.).

-          Your images (image formats supported include JPEG, PNG and GIF).

-          Your animated video or film, available on the Internet, on your Intranet, or locally (animation and film formats supported include SWF, AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG…).

-          Your Internet or Intranet pages broadcast directly.

-          Your presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi platforms

A private space, entirely manageable from a simple Internet browser, is reserved for you to place your images, films, and animated features to make them accessible on your video monitors.


Information flow in real time,

With content from our partners, it’s easy to broadcast a wide range of information in real time on your video monitors:

- Weather,

- News bulletins (France, International, Business, People, Sports, Environment…),

- Stock indexes, currency exchange,

- Mass transit and traffic reports,

- Live televised streaming,



sample news stream

Sample news bulletins

average_waiting_timeSample call center statistical rise in real time

Any available information about your company,


Would you like to automate broadcasting of content that is specific to your company?

-          real time statistics for your call center?

-          energy consumption for your building?

-          webcam, menu and waiting time for your company’s dining service?

-          internal informational bulletins?

-          performance results and figures in real time?

It is indeed possible!  Contact us, and after a detailed study of your needs, we’ll provide you with a personalized estimate.

Information that can be made available to your visitors as they watch your video monitors,


Would you like to enable your visitors to download your information on their mobile phones (including neighborhood map, shuttle schedules, vital information, bulletins, etc.)? Would you like to give them direct access to your Facebook page, Twitter account, etc?

Your video screen can do it for you:

-          a message on your screen will indicate to visitors (in possession of NFC or QRCode compatible phones), that they can download your information.

-          your screen lets visitors: access your mobile sites, download your applications and maps…




You can also access detailed statistics about your visitors via Flashcode and NFC thanks to our dedicated SPOTLOOK Statistics portal.




Sample of a download via QR-Code



QR-Code statistics portal & NFC SPOTLOOK Statistics



Elevator information available


Information from your elevator (option),

Your Equinoxe video monitor also lets you display standard information (current floor, up/down, next stop), information unique to your building (listing departments on each level, the logos of those departments, as well as animated features, videos, and texts for the next stop or for the current floor).



Page layout (dimensions of elevator information within the screen), logos and images can be fully personalized and adjusted from the Internet.


 Communication (Video + Audio) with your Security Command Post (option),

Video screens (video calling option) are equipped with an integrated camera as well as a microphone and speaker.

Functions allowed are as follows:

-          the video monitor is in its so-called “normal” mode, so it displays the information you configured.

-          a person located in the elevator pushes on the emergency call button. A signal is sent out to alert the caller that the call to the establishment is being made. The call is routed to your Security Command Post.

-          the security professional answers the call (a text signal indicates from which elevator the call has originated) by pushing on the panel button reserved for this purpose,

-          the elevator and the Security Command Post enter into a video conversation.

-          once the video call is disconnected (which can only be done by the Security Command Post), the monitor returns to its original mode.