Digital signage equipment for elevators




A wide range of video monitors and finishes,

In order to achieve the best possible integration with your needs and the dimensions available in your elevators

This page presents the various solutions that will achieve the best possible integration in your elevators. Follow the link for a presentation of the various functions incorporated within our video screens: Presentation of the functions of our video monitors for elevators.

For each of the projection solutions explained, we can offer screen diagonals of 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24, and 32 inches in 4/3 or 16/9th format. Luminosity levels can go up to 1000 cd/m2…  Consult with us.

ffssa portrait framed in blue edges

Example of an elevator video monitor in ‘mounted case’ display

By using a mounted case, a video monitor in your elevator won’t require major installation!

No need to pursue complete remodeling of your elevators to install video screens. Our mounting cases for video screens allow easy installation in any elevator with a finish that is semi-flush with the walls (1.2 mm overage required to mask the wall insets).

video screen_elevator_flush with the panel

Video screen mounting case for elevator

Upgrading with stainless steel finish,

For elevator upgrade solutions, in stainless steel or laminated walls, our video monitors are available in a ‘stainless steel finish’. The facade is finished per your request in brushed or polished stainless steel or in the color of your choice.



stainless steel elevator video monitor facade

elevator video screen with a stainless steel facade


nova spotgreen elevator video screen

Example of elevator video screen with ‘stainless steel facade’ assembly


claridge portrait photos framed in a blue border

Example of elevator video screen assembly behind a mirror

Built-in Ready,

The simplest approach is to choose a built-in ready video monitor that mounts behind glass walls, mirrors, or other settings that do not require a visible finish.


Built-in elevator video screen

built-in elevator video screen

Video monitors for elevators undergoing complete refurbishment, touch screens for elevators

Is it time for a complete modernization of your elevators, integrating video screens as part of the project? Our video screen solutions bring impeccable finish for a fit perfectly flush against the wall.

Would you like to enable your visitors to interact with your video screens located in your elevators? Consult with us and we’ll suggest equipment that will be compatible with our interactive elevator video screen solutions logospotouch (available functions here)



Example of a ‘new’ or ‘complete refurbishment’ elevator video screen assembly


Example of a personalized video monitor with red perimeter + logo

Tailor-made finish…

Our video screen solutions for elevators include tailor-made finishing:

-  screen dimensions ranging from 7 to 32 inches or more, as needed,

- screen in your organization’s colors and logos: we offer personalized screen protective glass to achieve tailor-made results.