Project Description

Connected screen solutions for elevators SPOTLOOK Equinoxe

Allows you to meet all of your digital elevator signage needs

Thanks to our Equinoxe screens for elevators, broadcast:

  • Your communications
  • General information in real time
  • Any information about your company
  • Your elevator information
  • Access emergency video call functions with your security post or elevator

Content is loaded from your computer or tablet, directly in the elevator, wirelessly connected to the screen (point to point WiFi between the screen and your device).

Your Communications

Our interface for customizing your communications, accessible from a simple internet browser, allows you to easily broadcast on your SPOTLOOK screens Equinox the following information :

– Your Twitter feedsTwitter logo or Facebookfacebook_logo.lg in real time,

– Your texts (our text recognition engine, checks that the texts displayed on your screen do not contain any discriminatory, racist, homophobic remarks ..).

– Your images (supported image formats JPEG, PNG and GIF).

– Your animations or films, available on the Internet, your intranet or locally (supported animation and film formats: SWF, AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG…).

– Directly to your internet or intranet pages.

– Your presentations made in Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi

A private area, fully administrable from a simple Internet browser, is reserved for you, in order to deposit your images, films and animations, and to make them accessible by your screens.

General information in real time

Thanks to our partners, simply broadcast a multitude of information in real time on your screens:

– Weather,

– News reports (France, International, Eco, People, Sports, Green …),

– Stock market indices, stock prices,

– Public transport traffic and road traffic,

– Live TV streams,

Example of news reports

Any information available in your company

You want to automate the distribution of content specific to your company:

– real-time statistics of your call center?

– Energy consumption of your building?

– webcam, menu and waiting time for your company restaurant?

– Internal newsletters?

– results or figures in real time?

This is most certainly possible! Contact us, after a detailed study of your needs, we will provide you with a personalized quote.

Example of real-time call center statistics feedback

Information that may be made available to your visitors through your screens

Do you want your visitors to be able to easily download your information (neighborhood map, shuttle schedules, specific information, press releases, etc.) to their mobile phones? Do you want to give direct access to your Facebook, Twitter etc pages?

Your display can do this for you:

– A message on your screen tells visitors (equipped with NFC or QRCode compatible phones) that they can download your information there.

– Your screen allows your visitors: to access your mobile sites, download your applications and maps, etc.

Example of download via QR-Code

Access detailed statistics of your visits via Flashcode and NFC, thanks to our dedicated portal SPOTLOOK Statistics.

SPOTLOOK Statistics QR-Code & NFC Statistics Portal

Your elevator information (option)

Your screen Equinox allows you to display in addition to standard information (current floor, direction, next stop), unique information (description of the services of each floor, logo of these, as well as animations, films, or texts, specific to the next stop or on the current floor).

The layout (dimensions of the lift information within your screen), the logos and images are fully customizable and modifiable from the internet.

Lift information available

Communication (Video + Audio) with your security PC (option)

The screens (video call option) are equipped with an integrated camera, as well as a microphone and a speaker.

The operation obtained is as follows:

– The screen is in its so-called ‘normal’ state, and displays the configured information.

– A person in the elevator presses the emergency call button. A call transmission signal is broadcast, to indicate to the caller that the establishment of his call is in progress. The call is routed to your security PC.

– The security person picks up the call (a text indication tells him which elevator the call comes from) by pressing the dedicated button on his banner,

– The elevator and the security PC enter into a video conversation.

– When the call is hung up (by the security PC only), the screen returns to its initial state.

Customize your display ultra-simply

Position yourself in your elevator

With your computer or tablet with the content to be broadcast.

Connect your computer or tablet

to Wifi emitted by your screen

Using your favorite internet browser

You connect to the URL of the screen, and access the menu for personalizing and downloading the content to be broadcast.

This menu allows you to access the following functions:

Technical specifications

The player is positioned on the elevator:

It has the following main characteristics:


Download the product presentation – Equinoxe elevator screens (FR)
Download the product presentation – Equinoxe elevator screens (EN)

Different finishes and sizes for your displays

Depending on the covering of your lift, we can offer you the right assembly solution


Mounting box finish

No need to take advantage of a complete modernization of your elevators to install screens. Our recessed boxes for screens allow simplified assembly in all elevators, with an almost flush finish to the walls (1.2mm overhangs, necessary to hide the cutouts in the wall).