Mobile application for buildings and condominiums SPOT MOB

Access to the services of your buildings, communication and collaboration between occupants

  • Quick access to your building’s services (company restaurant, WiFi codes, concierge services
  • Publication of News from your building by the manager or guard, and reception by users in real time on their mobile
  • Reservation of your building’s resources (meeting rooms, parking spaces, tennis courts, etc.
  • Collaboration between users: creation of sporting events, carpooling proposals, classified ads, etc.
  • Access badge to your building, mobile call from elevators …

Publication of News and Alerts

At any time your manager or guard can publish and broadcast news or alerts to occupants

From its interface, the manager can publish NEWS or ALERTS, in order to inform the occupants. These are notified on their mobile that a News has been published, they can consult it. News is made up of images, texts, links, etc.

Building services (concierge, Wifi, RIE)

Each department in your building is accessible from a tree structure in your application

Whether it’s providing users with the building’s WiFi code, the company restaurant menu or the various services of your concierge, it’s possible on your application. These additional menus can easily be created by the building manager from his application, or, in the case of more complex components (link with your concierge service provider for monitoring requests, etc.) via our personalization service .

Reservation of resources (rooms, parking spaces, etc.)

Users access the reservation of meeting rooms, parking spaces or charging stations

As well as other resources in your building. They can invite other users etc.

A powerful tool for collaboration between your occupants (sports, carpooling, classified ads, etc.)

Your occupants can create and participate in sporting or cultural events, offer carpooling services, publish classified ads, etc.

Each user can create and choose to participate in sporting or cultural events.

What could be simpler and more reassuring than renting your house or selling your car to a loved one? Thanks to SPOTMOB, every user can create and view classified ads.

Tool for intervention requests and incident reporting

Each user can report an incident, and generate an intervention request when it detects an anomaly

    The request for intervention may include:
  • Photos, images and comments
  • A desired date and time for the intervention
  • The request is sent to the relevant department.
  • The user can, in real time, follow the progress of the processing of his request.

Download and test the app for free!

Test by downloading the application for free on your mobile.

Create an account using the building code ‘test’, your account will be validated by us and fully functional within 24 hours!

Download the app
Download the app


Download the product presentation – SPOTMOB mobile application (FR)